Jewelry Authenticity


Gold’s softness and malleability makes it the perfect metal to create jewelry. It is also nontoxic, resists tarnishing, doesn’t corrode, is hypoallergenic, and retains its value making it very popular to wear. The natural color or shade of gold is yellow, which also happens to be the most commonly used shade of gold when making jewelry. Yellow gold is alloyed usually with copper or silver to add strength because of how soft pure gold really is. Another popular shade of gold is white gold made by mixing yellow gold with zinc, nickel, palladium, or copper. Rose gold is  soothing pink in rose gold is because of the presence of copper in it. 

When buying gold always look for the karat mark to ensure that it is real. Pure gold is usually 24K and is much too soft to make jewelry so it is alloyed with other metals to increase its strength. For example, jewelry marked 18K gold jewelry means it is 75 percent pure gold. Nothing less than 22K, 18K, 14K gold can be legally sold in the India. 

What is Hallmarking?


Hallmarking is the accurate determination and official recording of the proportionate content of precious metal in precious metal articles. Hallmarks are thus official marks used in India as a guarantee of purity or fineness of precious metal articles


Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Hallmarked Jewelry

Purity in carat and Fineness (it can be any of the following

Purity in carat                     Fineness

22K 916                       Corresponding to 22 Carat

18K 750                       Corresponding to 18 Carat

14K 585                       Corresponding to 14 Carat

Assaying/Hallmarking Centre’s Identification Mark/Number


Jeweler’s Identification Mark/number.

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